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A domino player holding four dominoes in the palm of their hand.

Dominoes to play with friends, family, and online (sometimes for free!)

There are about five popular domino games in addition to standard dominoes classic: Whirlpool, Matador, Muggins, Concentration, and Mexican Train Dominoes. They're great to play with friends and family, and several have online or in-app versions.

Domino games for solo players

Dominoes Classic

The classic Domino game we all remember from our childhood is available on iOS and Android in a bunch of different apps. One app we’re fans of works across all iOS devices, including Apple TV, and is simply titled "Dominos" (no ‘e’). It’s a free game with no in-app purchases.

This is the Dominoes classic you remember, matching pips as you draw dominoes until someone scores 150 points. The game includes detailed stats, an intuitive user interface, and the ability to play against a computer opponent. If you want to play against random players around the world, consider Domino! a free-to-try multiplayer domino game.

Mexican Train Dominoes

Available for Android, iOS, and for free online in your browser with no downloads required, Mexican Train Dominoes is our dominoes game for people who love this classic version. In addition to any mobile device, it even comes available on Kindle.

There are easy controls to flip and rotate dominoes, and the game includes in-app purchases simply to remove ads for $4.99. We’ve been developing domino game mechanics in this app for years. We’re constantly adding cool new features, and it has stable operation for hours of play. Match tiles with pips, score a double, and run the board to be the first player with no tiles and win!

Domino games for in-person play

Playing dominoes with others is a great way to meet new friends and connect with old ones.

Matador domino game

Matador is a math-oriented twist on the classic dominoes game where the sum of all the tiles touching open ends in a layout must total 7. 2-4 players gather around a double-6 set of dominoes and start by taking turns playing on domino at a time to match the same pips as those already played until the run totals 7. The game is over when the first person to play all their dominoes is out.

The Concentration domino game

Where Matador adds math among domino games, Concentration adds memory and strategy. 2-4 players match their pip to the same exposed ends on the table. But unlike traditional dominoes, the tiles played are kept facing down so you can’t see the pips! You’ll have to remember which tiles have been played and where.

This is an excellent game to play with kids and seniors to test and flex memory retention and cognition or expert domino players. It’s also best played with other people. Among domino games, no one wants to challenge their memory against a computer with virtually unlimited memory.

Whirlpool domino games sprawl out over the table

In Whirlpool, players place dominoes onto a central board or table, trying to create a continuous chain or "whirlpool" of matching numbers. The result is a long, snaking, rotating end-to-end set of dominoes.

The game typically involves tactics such as blocking opponents, manipulating the layout to your advantage, and strategically placing dominoes to disrupt your opponents' plans. The winner is usually the player who manages to empty their hand of dominoes first or accumulates the least number of points based on the remaining dominoes in their hand.

What's your favorite domino game?

Tell us in our Mexican Train Dominoes Facebook Group. There are hundreds of domino games and even more house rules and variations to make them even more exciting.