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Play Mexican Train Dominoes online with official rules—for free!

Play this fun, free online Mexican Train Dominoes game against three computer players and invite your friends to enjoy it too. If you’ve never played before, these are the basic rules:

The general rules of Mexican Train Dominoes include:

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Helpful hints and strategies for Mexican Train Dominoes

FAQs about how to play Mexican Train Dominoes online and in-app

When does a round end? The round ends when all playable tiles are played and each player is blocked, or a player lays all of their tiles, whichever comes first.

Are there multiple rounds? Yes. Traditionally, three rounds are played to determine the best of three.

How does the first round start? The first round starts clockwise from the player who put down the highest double starts and players then take turns in a clockwise direction. For instance, a 6|6 is the highest tile compared to a 4|4, which would be a lower double.

The player starts their personal train by putting their first domino to match the "engine". Your goal is to extend the train by adding more dominoes from your hand until you either have to draw or can't play.

Can we play analog, too? Yes, and we have downloadable sheets you can use to print your own dominoes at home. There are also printable score sheets and rules you print and can use for free. To play on your iPhone or iPad, visit the App Store. For Android tablets, visit the Play Store. A Kindle Store version is also available.

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