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Mexican Train Dominoes Game App Mexican Train Dominoes Game App

Opening Mexican Train moves and strategies to help you win

Like most domino games, your opening moves in a game of Mexican Train should set you up to unload as many dominoes as possible. There are three key elements to a winning Mexican Train strategy:

  1. Keep your train private
  2. Pay attention to the scoring and the tiles played
  3. Play matching tiles early and fast
Develop a plan at the beginning of the game that sticks to these three guidelines.

Opening strategy #1: keep your own train private

There’s a bit of messaging you and your opponents are conveying when you play on the public train: "I’m out of moves".

Opening strategy #2: Pay attention to the scores and tiles played

Don’t just focus on your Mexican Train and your next play. Pay attention to the tiles your opponents are playing with.

Opening strategy #3: Play matching tiles and doubles early and fast

Playing doubles is your best way to leapfrogging opponents. If every player only plays one domino per turn, you’re all staying relatively close. You need to get ahead by unloading faster.

Bonus strategy: keep talking and hide from your opponents

Human players make human mistakes. Pin people in so they're unable to play and derail someone else's train.

Play Mexican Train dominoes online, on iOS, and on Android

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