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Mexican Train Dominoes Game App Mexican Train Dominoes Game App

Tips, strategies, and how-to play Mexican Train Dominoes

Mexican Train Scoresheet
"Printable Mexican Train Scoresheet"

Mexican Train Rules - Large print
"Large printable Mexican Train rules"

Paper cut-out Mexican Train Dominoes
"Printable paper cut-out Mexican Train Dominoes"

Tournament bracket sheet - up to 16 players
"Printable tournament bracket sheet - up to 16 players"

Tournament bracket sheet - up to 32 players
"Printable tournament bracket sheet - up to 32 players"

Why is it called Mexican Train Dominoes?
"Inevitably, someone will ask where the name Mexican Train Dominoes came from. Now you can tell them."

Mexican Train strategy, or how to defeat the Grim Reaper.
"Learn the best strategy for winning a game of Mexican Train Dominoes regardless how skilled your opponent is."

The 7+ best in-person and online domino games for seniors.
"Of course, Mexican Train is the best domino game, but try some of these others for just as much fun."

Your ultimate guide to Mexican Train Dominoes plus tips and how to win.
"Like most classic games, how to win at Mexican Train Dominoes is chance, luck, and skill. Master Mexican Train with these tips and tricks."

The best times to play a double in Mexican Train Dominoes.
"Playing a double domino can have its advantages. Discover when it's beneficial."

Opening Mexican Train Domino plays, moves, and strategies to help you win.
"Learn three key elements to a winning Mexican Train strategy."

Try these recipes for your next Mexican Train Dominoes game night.
"Delicious desserts and appetizers to serve your friends at your next game of Mexican Train Dominoes."

Domino games for two, three, or four people—and for free online!
"Short a few players? Try these domino games that are just as much fun."

How to host a Mexican Train Dominoes tournament
"The more the merrier. Break into smaller groups and host a Mexican Train Tournament with prizes and bragging rights."

Mexican Train dominoes for kids
"Easy for kids to learn and fun for the whole family!"

Beginner’s guide and rules to Mexican Train Dominoes
"These rules follow the most common gameplay and are easy to learn for beginners."

Best Mexican Train dominoes app review — the gold standard for Mexican Train
"Reviews for the best Mexican Train Dominoes app for iOS, Android, Amazon, and online web."

The best domino games for your new iPad or tablet
"Unwrap that new iPad, Kindle, or Android Tablet and load it up with these free and paid parlor games. All your favorites and a few new ones are a click away."

Mexican Train Dominoes with numbers instead of dots
"Don’t like playing Mexican Train Dominoes with dots (pips) displayed? Play Mexican Train Dominoes online with numbers instead of dots for free."

Try these popular variations of Mexican Train dominoes
"Change up the rules on your next game of Mexican Train dominoes with these variations. They’ll test your speed, scoring, and strategy."

More browser based games like Wordle with no downloads required
"Want more word and browser-based games like Wordle to play? Try this list of popular online games with no downloads required."

Clarifying Mexican Train Dominoes rules and questions during gameplay
"Mexican Train Dominoes has some obvious rules and some vague ones. Here are five unique scenarios you might encounter during gameplay and how to handle them."

Rules to play Mexican Train dominoes with double six and double fifteen dominoes
"If you have a double-six, nine, fifteen, or eighteen domino set you can use it to play Mexican Train Dominoes with some variations."

What is the Mexican Train “tapping rule” and how is it supposed to work?
"The Mexican Train “tapping rule” requires you to announce your last playable tile, or else draw two."

How to play Mexican Train Dominoes with two players
"You can play Mexican Train Dominoes with two people instead of the traditional three or four. Here's how using a double-9 domino set."

How to start a game of Mexican Train Dominoes
"Get all your opening Mexican Train Dominoes moves answered here. See how to start with or without doubles, protect your own train, and more."

Best travel games for kids and adults — no screens required
"Keep the kids—and you—entertained on long car rides or during some screen-free time with these travel-friendly analog games."

Play Mexican Train Dominoes for Windows 10 PCs
"You can play Mexican Train Dominoes on your Windows 10 PC for free, anytime in your web browser. Also works in apps, on Macs, and more."

Great games to play in retirement with kids and friends
"Your retirement party and social connections can become stronger than ever with these great tabletop, card, and online domino games. Stay sharp, connected, and have fun."

Mexican Train first turn rules, tips, and clarifications worth knowing
"The first turn sets the tone for a great game of Mexican Train Dominoes. We’ve compiled common first turn questions, rule clarifications, and tips to help."

Even more clarifying Mexican Train Dominoes rules on doubles and other clarifications
"From murky doubles to what happens when the boneyard is empty. Get clarification here on Mexican Train Domino rules."

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Dice, domino, and card games for one you've probably never heard of
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Here’s how and why some dominoes differ in style, numbers, and history
"The history of dominoes spans centuries, and like many languages and diseases, spread around the world through war and troop movement."

Ideal table layouts for Mexican Train Dominoes games and tournaments
"Playing with friends this weekend or preparing for a big tournament? Here’s the best way to lay out a table for Mexican Train Dominoes."

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