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Mexican Train Dominoes Game App Mexican Train Dominoes Game App

Best Mexican Train dominoes app review — the gold standard for Mexican Train

"This is among the best apps on my phone. It's the ultimate domino game for players like me who know some of the rules but rarely gets to play with other players." — Google Play Store User

There's only one Mexican Train Dominoes game in the iOS, Android, and Amazon App Stores that is:

"I play Mexican Train with my friends and we love it. This is the hardest one I've ever played. I've been playing for two years and it's still a lot of fun." — iOS App Store User

"I love Mexican Train dominoes but can't ever find any friends to play the game with. This is the ultimate domino game. Highly recommend." — iOS App Store User

Mexican Train Dominoes is the gold standard in Mexican Train apps

Like many classic parlor games, Mexican Train Dominoes has dozens of house rules that are fun for family game night and modify multiple rounds with variations on how to add dominoes to the train station, open train rules, and how to proceed on an open double.

The Mexican Train Dominoes app helps you become a better player by playing against three computer-based opponents that become more challenging as you proceed.

"This is a great, relaxing, and fun game. I don't play to win or make huge scores all the time. I play to relax...I've been playing a long time. Updates are current. I've never had any problems. I love being able to play offline as well." — iOS App Store User

"I love playing Mexican Train Dominoes. Other apps are hard to beat or seem rigged to always reward the computer players the fewest points. This Mexican Train Dominoes game feels like an increasingly challenging player that isn't impossible to win and a fun game to play." — Google Play Store User

"The game developer is responsive and helps a lot. I couldn't figure out how to turn the dominoes around, but a short message later they showed me how to double-tap the domino tiles to spin the around." — iOS App Store User

Play Mexican Train Dominoes on iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and Kindle

No matter what device you have, Mexican Train Dominoes will play great. We take our active bug reporting seriously and listen to user feedback. It's how Mexican Train Dominoes is among the most compatible games on any device, supporting years-old iPhones, iPads, Galaxies, Galaxy Tabs, and even Kindles.

"I try to limit myself to one game a day but that rarely happens. The rules are a bit different than my at-home game, but I find it more challenging and fun. Olay!" —iOS App Store User

"Really helped me become a domino train master. Mexican Train was one of my grandmother's favorite games and I remember playing it with her as a child. Now I can play multiple rounds for hours and develop new strategies to win next time I play her." — Google Play Store User

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If you love the game, hop on the Mexican Train and share your scores, tips, and share reviews with other players on social media. The Facebook Group is a great way to follow Mexican Train Dominoes players around the world and compete for bragging rights.