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Ideal table layouts for Mexican Train Dominoes games and tournaments

Whether you're playing Mexican Train Dominoes with a few people or many, there are some ways to make gameplay more comfortable.

You will need:

Organize the table for maximum Mexican Train fun

A round table is the best layout option

mexican train layout on a round table

Round tables ensure everyone has equal access and line-of-sight to the domino game. However, most round tables won't seat more than six people, and even six — depending on the size of the chairs — may be uncomfortably small.

Let's assume in this diagram the player in the red chair is the starting double. Play continues in a clockwise order.

A rectangular table requires some additional reaching

mexican train layout on a long table

Rectangular tables may require the person at the end to reach the most or struggle to see the trains or train token positions in the middle of the table. If you can, position players along each side facing each other first. If you have eight players, then use the ends.

Let's assume in this diagram the player in the red chair is again holding the starting double. Play continues in a clockwise order.

In both layouts, there’s plenty of room for drinks and snacks, too!

How to Play Mexican Train Dominoes

Set Up the Game

Choose a set of dominoes appropriate for the number of players. We've compiled some rules with variations depending on player count. But generally with a double-12 domino set:

If you have access to multiple sets:

Find the double domino to serve as the "engine" for the duration of the game. This double tile will be the highest double domino in the set being used. So, if you’re using a double-12 set (recommended for 4 to 8 players), the initial engine will be the double 12|12 domino.

Want to practice before you start playing with others?

Play Mexican Train Dominoes online or in-app on iOS and Android. They’re all free to play against challenging computer players. Because screens aren’t tables, our layouts use a linear rectangular setup to maximize the screen space and show tiles as large as possible. You also don’t have to worry about your competitors seeing your tiles!

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