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Wordle-like colored bricks.

More Wordle-like browser games free to play online

Back when the popular word game Wordle took over the Internet's imagination, we shared some other popular browser-based games like Wordle, including the New York Times Spelling Bee. We're back with more games like Wordle to satisfy your time in between guessing five-letter words.

Looking for more free word games among five-letter words?

The Internet is littered with games like Wordle. Among Wordle clone games, there's Quordle, and Octordle — each using four or eight-letter words instead of the traditional five. These two also have only one puzzle per day.

Crosswordle is among the best free word games like Wordle because it combines everyone's love of crossword puzzle layouts into a crossword format to guess words.

Dordle challenges you to two Wordle-like puzzles at the same time. Letter guesses factor into both puzzles, and there's only one puzzle word game a day. A correct guess and the letter turns green, but your chances to solve both puzzles' secret word dwindle rapidly.

Phoordle, possibly a riff on the classic Vietnamese dish Pho, is another among Wordle alternatives. But this one involves guessing foods. All the rules you're familiar with apply to this word game, but all the words are something for foodies.

Worldle, with the extra "l", is for geography nerds and buffs allergic to word games. Instead of guessing words, you'll be guessing a country or territory's name based on silhouettes of islands and land masses.

Kitty Letter isn't available in the browser, but the iOS and Google Play apps from Oatmeal creator Matthew Inman are fun for anyone who likes his style of drawing and humor. You’re given word puzzles where you have to guess the secret word. Many of the same rules apply, but you get funny graphics and animation for each correct letter or sticking one in the wrong place.

Nerdle - the math-based clone

And then there's, Nerdle, a browser-based game where you solve an equation. Guess digits (1 through 9) and operators (+, -, x, and /) in the right order in under six guesses and you win. Some challenges may ask you for a five digit prime number, and each puzzle always includes the = sign. It's a great free game for the more math-oriented people among us.

Heardle is like Shazam and Wordle in one guessing game

Good at identifying songs? Heardle by Spotify is for you, where it plays the first few seconds of a contemporary pop song and tasks you with determining what it is. The first guess only gives you one second, and two on your second. Thankfully, the clips do get longer as you play. But being your own Shazam with a one-second clip is incredibly challenging.

Framed is a Wordle clone for movie frames

Not much of a word master? Like visuals more than language? Framed is a newcomer that asks you to identify a movie based on six stills. Each incorrect guess reveals a new one and progressively gives the game away. Like Wordle, there's just one game per day.

Guess the weather with Cloudle

Instead of finding a five-letter word, Cloudle asks you to guess the five-day forecast for a city that could be anywhere in the world. It'll tell you the city, so if you end up with London or Seattle at least you'll have a good idea to guess rain.

Don't forget Mexican Train Dominoes

It's not a word game, and it predates the Wordle sensation, but we're partial to Mexican Train Dominoes. It's free and available to play online in your browser or in the iOS and Google Play App Stores.

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