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Mexican Train Dominoes with numbers instead of dots

You can play Mexican Train dominoes with numbers instead of dots using our iOS and Android apps. And you can switch the pips (dots) to numerals in our free online game, too.

Changing the numerals and pips in the iOS and Android apps

To switch between numbers and dots in the Mexican Train iOS and Android games, tap on "More Options" or "Settings".

Screen shot showing 'more options' button.

And then choose "Pips\Numerals".

Screen shot showing 'numerals/pips' button

Changing to numbers instead of dots on the dominoes in the online Mexican Train game

To switch the pips to numbers, click on "Settings".

Screen shot showing 'settings' button.

Then choose, "Numerals/Pips".

Screen shot showing 'numerals/pips' button

What's the default for double twelve dominoes?

Most double-12 domino sets come with pips or dots instead of written numbers on the tiles. This is because dominoes historically have always just displayed dots. Most game sets and apps use color to further differentiate the domino tiles, but there are no stock colors or standardized styles.

The dominoes will ultimately match whatever the developer or game developer wants. However, because double-12 dominoes include more dominoes than a standard domino set, it can be hard for seniors or kids to quickly discern the number on the dominoes.

Children, for instance, might be better served seeing the numerals to help with cognition and understanding or learning their numbers. Seniors may struggle sitting at a round table and seeing the game play out with increasingly distant tiles, straining their vision.

The online, iOS, and Android Mexican Train Dominoes games let you play for free and it's fun for all ages. Review the settings to explore ways you can configure the game to your liking.

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