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A man and woman eating Domino’s pizza during a game night.

4 great domino themed party ideas (including pizza!)

Grandma celebrating a birthday? Friends interested in having you over to their place while they play their favorite variation of dominoes?

We've talked before about ingredients and recipes for your game night. Now step it up a notch with more party ideas that pair well with celebrations, dominoes, and your party guest's style.

Dominoe's + Domino's pizza party

Bring the whole team together with an easy dinner party idea: Domino's Pizza! Share a pizza, sort through some dominoes, and avoid the hassle of preparing dinner.

Yes, it’s a little on-the-nose. Dominoes + Domino’s. Get it?

But this works great for busy families interested in pulling together a family game night or hosting friends. Everyone can find something to enjoy for dinner and the time you save not cooking can be spent around the table playing.

Special in-game tactics for the birthday boy or girl

If it's someone's birthday, consider adding to the theme of their favorite game by playing some number of rounds based on their age, birthday year, or day.

You could also offer in-game tactics just for the birthday celebrant. Offer them things like:
Expand on this idea by offering in-game prizes that add to the thrill of winning. Use gift cards, age-appropriate toys or items, or other fun mementos so players end the day at home with more than just great memories

Offer up a special edition domino set

Pro domino players take the game — and the set — seriously. Offer up party goers the chance to gift or win a nice, hand-crafted dominoes set. Various editions exist, as well as double-15 dominoes used for Mexican Train. It’s a great grand prize for a tournament champion, too.

Shipping to any address is available from gift shops, retailers, and specialty game stores online around the world. They offer players an exciting, colorful, and unique game set to add to their collection. Check with your favorite boutique game store for more.

Bring the kids together with virtual domino games

The kids might not want to hang out over a game of analog dominoes. Years of screen time can make a static version of even the most exciting dominoes games a little lacking.

But parents and grandparents can discover new ways to play with their children and grandchildren by playing Mexican Train Dominoes online. Grab a phone or iPad or play in-browser on any PC or Mac.

Mexican Train Dominoes is ready to run on nearly any device. Pass the device around turn-by-turn or just teach the little ones the rules but tapping your way along. Whatever you get for grandma’s birthday, time spent with the grandkids is always what she wants most.