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Mexican Train Dominoes Game App Mexican Train Dominoes Game App

Mexican Train Dominoes for kids

Like many classic parlor games, Mexican Train Dominoes is great for kids old enough to count to 12 when using a double twelve set. You can make some fun substitutions for younger kids by using gummy candies as markers or train pieces instead of coins.

It's a good skill and coordination piece for children, and depending on their age playing Mexican Train comes with some excellent benefits:

FAQs about Mexican Train dominoes with kids

Can children play Mexican Train?

You bet, and it's a great way to play games with older family members, too. Among toys, a Mexican Train domino game is an affordable purchase.

At what age can kids play Mexican Train dominoes?

Kids as old as 4 or 5 can start to love dominoes with a loving adult by their side. If you're using a physical game set, make sure small pieces like a train marker stay on the table and not in their mouths.

Kids aged 8 and up will probably get more value from the game as they handle their own domino train, strategy, and score. Any Mexican Train domino game is all about matching,

How do you play Mexican Train with kids?

Same as with adults, but usually there's an extra peanut butter and jelly sandwich or cookies lying around. We have all the rules and tips in our Ultimate Guide to Mexican Train Dominoes.

Any double-12 domino set will work. You can also play online with any laptop or iPad over their shoulder—plus, it's a valuable way to encourage safe computer use and habits with kids.

What are some Mexican Train domino apps suitable for children?

The iOS and Google Play App Stores have a variety of options, but among free games, kids can play privacy-protecting Mexican Train dominoes online and here:

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As a bonus, they come with fun train sounds and animations that can hold kids' interests.

How do you play Mexican Train dominoes for beginners?

Using our iOS, Android, or online Mexican Train domino game is a great way to start playing. They're fun, and because the rules and instructions are built-in, you know you won't be allowed to forget something like covering a double. They'll give you and your kids a complete overview of how to play, strategize against the next player, and play a fun game simultaneously.

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