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A free online version to Mexican Train Dominoes Classic

There’s a free alternative to Mexican Train Dominoes Classic with no play-to-win in-app purchases.

There are a lot of ways to play Mexican Train Dominoes with friends, online, or in-app. Mexican Train Dominoes Classic has pleasant sounds, ambient music, and fun animations. However, it’s only for iOS and several in-game mechanics require payment, such as having 4 players instead of 3. Mexican Train Dominoes comes with 4 players standard and uses other familiar house rules.

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There are some other benefits to Mexican Train Dominoes:

4.7 average rating across 15,000 reviews

Fun way to pass the time
"Better than other Mexican Train games out there. Really enjoyable."
— iOS App Store
Really fun MTD
"Great game and really fun."
—Google Play User

The pros and cons of Mexican Train Dominoes vs Mexican Train Dominoes Classic

Both of these classic Mexican Train games are free to play, and you can pay to remove ads in iOS for both, but only Mexican Train Dominoes has both an iOS, Android, and online version.

Even though Mexican Train Dominoes Classic lets you adjust the gameplay difficulty, winning on "Easy" is still unlikely to produce a lot of wins. Mexican Train Dominoes does away with this mirage since gameplay is almost entirely determined by the randomness of the dominoes.

There are other differences you might like to know about before you start playing.

Mexican Train Dominoes Mexican Train Dominoes Classic
Game mechanics are designed to function using standard MTD rules. There are some house rules you can configure, including "Double blank counts as zero" and a "first turn rule" that allows players to discard as many dominoes from their hand as possible on the first turn.
Our game mechanics are calculated to be completely random, and AI players are designed to be challenging so you can become a better player. Game length is set to a standard gameplay rule of 12 rounds. You can control the AI with difficulty settings, decide between 3 or 4 players—but 4 players requires payment. You can also set the game length from 3, 6, 10, or endless—but endless requires payment.
Our game is quieter, with less noise and distractions. Meaningless distraction and less high-volume ads in your earbuds. After each game, an ad plays unless you pay to remove ads. Some of the ads include verbal audio, similar to commercials.
There are no pay-to-win schemes in Mexican Train Dominoes. You can pay to "win" the previous round if you lose.

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