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Mexican Train Dominoes Gold alternative: Play Mexican Train online or in-app

You can play a free alternative to Mexican Train Dominoes Gold with unlimited gameplay, no downloads required, and no registration.

You have options with Mexican Train Dominoes games. Mexican Train Dominoes Gold has gameplay options that come with sound, three and four player game modes, and the ability to change some house rules of the game. You can play Mexican Train Dominoes in the browser, as well as on iOS and Android via Google Play

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4.7 average rating across 15,000 reviews

Best Mexican Train Domino’s
I’ve been playing this app a long time now and I find this game to be as random as if playing with my family and friends. Though we play doubles differently, I quite like how its done on this app
Keeps my mind sharp
We play Mexican Train every Tuesday night at church and practicing on my phone helps me to play well each week. I will soon be 76 years old and this game keeps my mind sharp. Our granddaughter began playing when she was eight and loves playing this nonviolent game on my phone.

Mexican Train Dominoes vs Mexican Train Dominoes Gold: how do they compare?

Both of these classic Mexican Train games are free to play, and you can pay to remove ads in iOS and Android. There are other differences you might like to know about before you start playing.

Our game is quieter, with less noise and distractions. Perfect for playing in crowded or quiet spaces like in a car.

You might like the sounds, but many people—and those around you—may not. You can toggle them off or mute your device, but that mutes all your sounds across all apps.

Our game design is simple and realistic without looking like emojis or cartoonish. Colors are easy to identify and are high-contrast.

If you struggle with bright colors and intense animations, you might not like Mexican Train Dominoes Gold. However, they do add vibrancy.

Our AI is also simple, straightforward, and challenging without requiring you to setup the game or fiddle with which domino set you use (all ours use Double-12 dominoes). It’s a faster way to start playing a game of Mexican Train Dominoes.

There are a few game modes to choose from, letting you shorten or extend the game. That can be useful, but ours is designed to be up and running when you’re ready to play Mexican Train.

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